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PDF Downloads -: Dallas and North Texas Divorce and Family Law Support Documents.


Jackson Law Group New Client Questionnaire
This document provides the routine data needed to draft documents on behalf of a client.  Social security numbers, dates of birth, etc.


Jackson Law Group Client’s Custody Worksheet
If your case involves custody, this client worksheet will help us quickly obtain the information that we need in order to properly prepare for a custody case.  It is a long document, but we ask that you take the time to properly complete it together with all explanations that are asked for.


Financial Information Statement for Temporary Orders
This document, in Microsoft Word, is a financial information statement for temporary orders hearings.   If a temporary order hearing will be held in your case, a FIS form is required.  This form will help the court determine child support, how much will be paid in Temporary Spousal Support or how much will be received.   Please attach the last two months of pay stubs to the FIS together will a copy of your health insurance card and explanation of benefits.


Inventory and Appraisement
It is a “big form” designed to “inventory” each possible marital asset.  Many of the categories on the form will not apply to an individual, but if you own a race horse there is a place for it on the form. Completion of this form is required for almost all divorce cases.  It is one document the judge will use to divide property.  Also, attach all supporting documents to the form.


Our Family Wizard.  We highly recommend that all divorcing, separated parents use Our Family Wizard for all communications involving children.  Originally developed for high conflict cases, we recommend the online portal for all cases involving children.   There are so many tools available that will are helpful for providing notice, scheduling, maintaining expense logs, etc.  Click Our Family Wizard Features to see more. Apps for the Android and Iphone are available.  It is a good tool to help parents manage the business of children.  Courts are ordering parents to use Our Family Wizard all across Texas.  It is about co-parenting.


Parenting Class / Supervised Visitation and Exchange Almost all family courts will order the parents to take a parenting class if any contest is involved.  In some case, if children are involved in the case at all it is automatically ordered – your order will come to you in the mail.  In other cases, a party, for various reasons, may have to be supervised.  Very common in cases involving drug (prescription or otherwise). Still in other cases, the parties may have to exchange the child under a supervised scenario due to conflict between them.  This document is a resource page for you to be able to locate a parenting class or supervision facility.


IRS Tax Exemption Form
This is the IRS form that allows a noncustodial parent to take the child deduction for income tax purposes.  Oftentimes,  the parties will agree that the higher income party will take the deduction although that party may not be the custodial parent for IRS purposes.


Texas Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney to Transfer Motor Vehicle
This is the form that one party executes to allow the other party to transfer a motor vehicle that has been awarded to them.  If the Husband bought a car for Wife but it remains in husband’s name then husband would execute this form in favor of the wife so she can get title to the car.  This document is in Word.


In cases where the abuse of alcohol is an issue, a court will often order Soberlink monitoring during the periods of a parent’s visitation.  This is done to make sure the parent is sober while exercising his or her visitation.  Frankly, I do not like the Soberlink. I have impeached their witnesses on the stand as to its accuracy.  Further, if you are late on a test, regardless of whether or not you pass it or not, it will count as a “failure.”   For example, a person is ordered to Soberlink testing at 7:00 in the morning.  They test at 7:15.  Soberlink will count that as a failure.  Further, I have seen courts enjoin someone from using alcohol at all during the pendency of the case,  if that person does not have custody, why would a court care whether or not they are not using alcohol when they do not have the child. The alcohol prohibition should only count where a party is in possession of a child.


The following documents are “standing order.”  They are automatic injunctions put in place by the court upon the filing of a divorce or any family law case.  No every county in Texas has adopted the Standing Order scenerio, Tarrant County for example, buy many have followed the lead of Dallas County and have adopted Standing Orders.  This order takes the place of the “old school” automatic temporary restraining order that is commonly presented in a family law case.


Dallas County Standing Order This is a standing order that is filed in every divorce case in Dallas.  It immediately goes into effect. It takes the form of a Temporary Restraining Order that is generally filed in other counties in Texas such as Tarrant County.  Back in the day,  we always filed TROs with a divorce case.  The Courts in Dallas ultimately decided that a “standing order” is more expeditious and efficient. Hence, standing orders have been adopted by a number of counties in Texas.


Collin County Standing Order After Dallas adopted a Standing Order (See above), one of the first counties to follow suit was Collin County.  This is the Collin County, Texas Standing Order for all family law cases.


Denton County Standing Order Like Dallas and Collin county, it wasn’t long before Denton County and Rockwall County adopted Standing Orders.  If you have received citation with an order attached to it,  that order is in effect.


Kaufman County Standing Order Like Dallas and Collin county, it wasn’t long before Kaufman County, Texas adopted Standing Orders.  If you have received citation with an order attached to it,  that order is in effect.


Rockwall County Standing Order Like Dallas and Collin county, it wasn’t long before Denton County and Rockwall County adopted Standing Orders.  If you have received citation with an order attached to it,  that order is in effect.