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This Dallas Divorce Site is a comprehensive information based site developed by Dallas Divorce Lawyers and Attorneys to help you come to terms with your divorce or family law case. We are Dallas Divorce lawyers and we are here to help. The links on this page will take you to articles discussing specific aspects of divorce, divorce process, child custody, child support, community property, divorce decree modification, and enforcement. If you are facing family law issues, the Dallas Divorce Site is here to help you.

To help you get started, we recommend that you peruse the following Dallas Divorce Attorney Basics which discuss a general outline of the divorce process common to most divorce cases, myths associated with the divorce process and some common questions are answered:

Annulment's in Texas: Annulment's are about setting a marriage aside as if it had not occurred. Usually, an annulment is based in fraud.  The following link discussed the annulment process. We have been very successful in obtaining annulments for our clients.

Child Custody: A lawsuit in Texas involving a child is called a SAPCR ("SAP-CER") meaning Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship. The SAPCR case can arise from the most innocuous of relationships. The sharing of DNA will create the SAPCR whether or not the relationship is by marriage, by "friends with benefits," or a one night stand. We have seen them all. In fact, the stand alone SAPCR case, in the modern society, is becoming more and more prevalent as more and more couples avoid marriage.

The Step-Parent Adoption. Although not as complex as an out of family adoption, the step-parent adoption requires that specific steps be performed in order to complete the adoption.  Once your step-child is adopted, that child is your child just as if you were the DNA contributor.   In the first instance, a step-parent adoption is a lawsuit to terminate the parental rights of one parent. The second step is the adoption process.  The following links describes this process and the steps involved.  Contact the Jackson Law Group at 214-369-7100 for a free consultation to discuss this matter.

Child Support:  Child support is about providing monetary support for the child.  Although the parents are divorced or separated, the needs of the child will continue.  It seems young children go through shoes about every three months. My children had clothes that never appeared to have been worn before they out grew them.  There is no way to estimate how much money has been spent on buying milk for my teenage boys. Much less the costs of sports and other extracurricular activities.  Then there is the costs of medical - insurance, copays, and deductible. The following links discuss child support obligations, how it is calculated, how it is collected and how to defend a child support enforcement or contempt action.  Note: if you are the subject of a child support order always follow your order. 

  • Child Support - A treatise.  An in depth article discussing various aspects of child support.  Topics include guideline support, how to calculate child support, retroactive child support, wage withholding (sometimes called, improperly, garnishment, child support for disabled obligors, etc.

  • Child Support - Defending the Enforcement Action. If the attorney general has brought a child support enforcement action against you, this page is about defending that claim.  You may have very valid defenses against the enforcement action. For example, the child may have been voluntarily placed in your custody, or you may have lost your job.

Marital Property - if you are married all property owned by either you or your spouse is considered community property. It is presumed to be community property. Both you and your spouse own it. It does not matter who's name the property is held in. Having said that, each party to a divorce action will own some separate property. It might not be much, but they will each own some. For example, a wedding ring is the separate property of the wearer. Mementos from your youth, owned prior to marriage, is your separate property. That Apple Stock certificate grandma gave you back in 1997, owned prior to marriage, is your separate property. Your father's shotgun that he gave you, is your separate property by gift. The pages linked to below, discuss various aspects of community property, separate property, tracing separate property and "community" debt.

Dallas attorney's small business primer in the Texas divorce context. Very often, the most valuable asset in the divorce / marital context is the small family owned business. It might be a professional practice, a dry cleaner, a small print shop. Sometimes, the business in the divorce family law context may be worth substantial sums of money. For example, a small party rental business started in 2001 comes to be worth several millions of dollars over time. Many factors are involved in appraising the small business. For example, the concepts of commercial good will and professional good will directly impact the value. A staging business with significant annual revenues was ultimately worth very little in the overall concept because of the sole-member's personal goodwill. Personal Goodwill, like that of the good Dr. Nail (a famous case), is not divisible by a divorce court. The following pages go in further detail in this regard:

Adultery in the Dallas Divorce. Unfortunately, the issue of the cheating spouse is arising more and more in our times. Adultery in the divorce context will have an impact upon the outcome of the case. The extent of the impact depends directly upon the facts associated with the affair. If you are involved in an affair, the best advice is to drop the lover, otherwise, you are taking significant risks in the divorce context. The very least of which will be a very angry spouse that may use the court system to exact revenge through extended litigation, trial and the attorney's fees incurred. Although case law says that adultery will not have an impact upon a child custody determination, this is not always true. The following pages discuss this issue further.

For state-by-state divorce information, we recommend a comprehensive   state-by-state divorce resource.

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