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Just because Momma dances . . . that dance being not necessarily ballet but more with a pole as a partner . . . does not mean she does not get justice. It doesn’t mean that she can be pushed around, thrown on the floor, or otherwise man-handled. It doesn’t mean her property can be stolen. It doesn’t mean “her man” has a right to break open her phone or “inspect” her apartment. What it means is . . . she dances for the entertainment of men wherein she obtains a great deal of money that supports her home, her car and, most importantly, her child.
I have represented a number of dancers over the years. I have seen them put themselves through college, through graduate school, maintain their children in private schools, buy homes. Just because she dances does not mean she is not entitled to respect. By and large, they are some of the smartest women I have come to know.
Don’t come to me with some song about my client dances with a pole. I am happy to take you in front of the most right wing bible thumping judge in North Texas. Happy to do so. Happy to put my client on the stand. Happy to let her tell her story. You nitwit.
Big win today in Collin County.