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You may be all about free expression as exercised under the 1st Amendment but you must also recognize who your audience is. You can be legal and unwise. Dress appropriately for court.

Okay, there I was waiting for a judge and in walks this girl. She is wearing a cut-off t-shirt. Cut off midway down her abdomen just below her breasts. She is wearing black low cut (Brazilian cut) tights. Just above the top of her tights, one can see the top of a tattoo that starts on the left and goes all the way across to the right. Moving north, that is up, we come across her navel jewelry dangling there. Moving further north we come across another tat that seems to extend under her t-shirt, emerging at the collar and then down the arm for a sleeve. Recognizing that this is all free expression, what do you suppose her free expression to the court will get her.

My client with a similar problem, on anther day, in a very conservative county went to Target and purchased a new outfit. A conservative outfit that covered her “sleeve” and was appropriate for the venue. The case settled nicely in her favor.