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Annulment in Texas?

Can’t get an annulment in Texas? Really?

We get them all the time for our clients. We have never lost an annulment.

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Generally, annulments are based upon fraud or some deception that occurred prior to the marriage. Something was concealed that if it had been known would have caused a spouse to call off the marriage. Some fraud in the inducement of the marriage, something concealed. Here are some of our examples:
  • Man represents to woman that he is a professional, has means, long employment history, good income. Not true, shortly after the marriage process servers started showing up at the door. Lawsuits from creditors against the brand new husband. Turns out no employment history. No income. No job.  Annulment granted.  Marriage set aside. This scenario has repeated itself in several of our cases.
  • Woman conceals from man that she has about $60,000 in credit card debt.  She was asking him to pay it off.  Annulment granted. Marriage set aside.
  • Woman was bi-polar.  On medication. Throughout the relationship and prior to the marriage, woman took her meds. Following marriage, she decided she didn’t need them anymore and went “nuts.”  Annulment granted.  This one was in Hunt County. I’m told this annulment was the only one this judge had ever granted.
  • Man represents to woman that his is  “faithful,” doesn’t have others in his life,  all girlfriends are of the past. He is “devoted to you.” Guess what, the happy couple leave for the family reunion and two girlfriends showed up.  Girlfriends that he was in a current relationship with – this would be polygamy.  Our client objected. Annulment granted.
Most of the time, we will be able to obtain an “agreed annulment” or a default annulment. An agreed annulment means the other spouse will sign off on the Decree of Annulment.  In other cases, the other spouse (opposing party in our case) fail to file an answer to the lawsuit.  In that event, we are able to default them and obtain an annulment.  We have had only one case go to trial on an annulment.  Hmmm . . . we won that two and the losing party was ordered to pay our client their attorney’s fees.

Annulments v. Divorce: The difference?

An annulment means that you were never married to the other person.  The marriage did not exist.

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