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Once again – another successful annulment. The family bar is replete with lawyers that say – “in Texas, you can’t get an annulment.” We get them all the time.

Today’s annulment – guy courted girl, guy represented his love, affection and desire for lifetime companionship. Turns out he had and continued to have an “on the side girlfriend.” Chose never to live with his new spouse. Turns out he continued to live with the girlfriend following the marriage. None of this known to my client until after the marriage. Turns out – dude had no money, no financial support and married my client for the sole purpose of obtaining financial gain. Annulment granted – the guy is real POS.

Husband and the Paramour

Time and again, our clients get their annulments based in fraud –

Girls married guys who continue to philander. Continue in their dating relationships, etc. Wife shows up at the family reunion and all the girlfriends do as well.

Guys who married girls for money. One to try and take over the family business. Another, to live off of his girl friend’s u-tube channel.

Girl who drops on new husband her $80,000 credit card bill and says you have to pay this.

Girl who answers the door, and is a process server suing her new husband for debt collection. Turns out this process server would be one of many.

Girl or Guy (we have done both) who marries in order to obtain entry into the United States. Done three of these in the last year.

The nice thing about the Annulment Process – it gives someone an opportunity to do a “do over” fast. “I made a mistake, I want to put a stop to this.I don’t want to be married.”

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