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50/50 custody – the court is simply not going to order it. Not going to happen. If a small, under age 3 child is involved, you may very well see the 2-2-3 custody schedule but as a rule the court is simply not gong to order 50/50.   Back in the day it was all the rage (late 90s, early 2000s). Later, the “experts” came back and said they had made a mistake recommending the true split custody schedule. Experiments with the life of a child. Jez. Some of the courts are adamant in the opposition to the 50/50 schedule.
If you (this will usually be the father) ask the court to order split custody (week on/week off), the court will look at you as a person who simply does not want to pay child support.  This hurts your case because your motives are not “best interest” but are financial. As an aside, in a true split custody scenario someone will still be ordered to pay child support. The calculation may be different but someone will still be ordered to pay child support.  Just the way it is.