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The Jackson Law Group has been asked to represent clients from Gregg and Wood Counties to Lubbock County, to Fort Bend County, McLennan County. From the perspective of the family law client, very often they are seeking the Dallas attorney because the Dallas attorney is not so worried about his/her relationship with the local bar or the local judge.

The Man who can!

“Earl and his assistant Stacy were beyond helpful at a time when I was a young man going through what was the worst time of my life Earl did his absolute best to make sure I was going to get his A-game.He made sure I understood what was going on. He made certain that I was comfortable with what was happening with my case.”


A true blessing

“I obtained Earl Jackson as my attorney to get my child back, I am in another state so I had to search high and low to find someone that I felt could help me in such a stressful time of my life. Someone I could trust being so far from me, after all the future of my daughter was in the hands of this person I had never met face to face but only spoke with over the phone.”


Extremely Happy Father, Thanks to Earl Jackson

Highly recommended and experienced lawyer!
Hands down the best decision for my child custody case was hiring Earl Jackson! After hearing so many opinions about how tough it would be for a Father to win custody in Texas and almost feeling as if the odds were impossible, Earl and his paralegal, Stacey Malone, quickly helped calm my fears and doubts.


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