Motions for Enforcement to be Specific

So, my associate in drafting a response to motion for enforcement wrote this "As written, because each of the 15 bases provides a conclusory statement without a detailed description of contemptible conduct in accordance with controlling authority, infra, BILLY BOB...

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Momma’s Revenge

Stacey - "So I don’t represent anyone but boss man has done both criminal and family law and this is the truest realist ever! A stay at home, soccer mom don’t play! Don’t cheat on her, mess with her money or think you are gonna break away easy.... ain’t gonna happen!...

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Mediation – An Endgame

M By Demetria C. Howard-Watkins, Associate Attorney, Jackson Law Group Today is April 26, 2019. If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you are most likely happily purchasing tickets for Avengers: Endgame, a three hour finale concluding a storyline that...

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Child Tax Credit?

The Child Tax Credit - very often a point of contention, of debate in a child custody case. Note - the court has no jurisdiction over tax issues. A decree can be totally silent on taxes. The IRS will not pay any attention to a state court order on this issue. The only...

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Agreed Divorce – No Lawyer?

I have written about it time and again. Spoken about it. I don't know where they get it. Yes, you can represent yourself in a divorce and it is bottom line stupid. Period end of report. We are often hired to "fix the problem." Time and again. Just do it right. I have...

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Note of Thanks

My paralegal for the last ten years received this little note this afternoon: Stacey Thank you for helping my daughter Melissa with her divorce meeting today. She told my wife that you made it easy and she felt very supported with you standing by her during this messy...

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Limbo – waiting on the court

Limbo -- it is usually a good sign, especially when I have the uphill battle, for the court to take the case under "advisement" before ruling. It is real easy for the court to "just say no.' So, when they don't do that, it means I have given them pause for thinking....

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Grandparent Standing and In re J.H.

Given that most of my lawyerly work involves child custody cases, from time to time I come across an interesting case that requires a little bit of commentary. And so, we have In re J.H. out of the El Paso Court of Appeals. Grandma seeks custody. As a general rule,...

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Momma Dances – The Stripper in the Court Room

Just because Momma dances . . . that dance being not necessarily ballet but more with a pole as a partner . . . does not mean she does not get justice. It doesn't mean that she can be pushed around, thrown on the floor, or otherwise man-handled. It doesn't mean her...

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Annulment – Marriage Based Upon Financial Gain

Once again - another successful annulment. The family bar is replete with lawyers that say - "in Texas, you can't get an annulment." We get them all the time. Today's annulment - guy courted girl, guy represented his love, affection and desire for lifetime...

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