An Agreed Pro Se Divorce

Received another inquiry today from a guy who has been trying to do up his divorce by himself.  He gets the little book from the Law Library. Tries to do the forms. Gets turned down by the judge. Appears he has been trying to get his divorce done now for about a year....

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The Coffee Pot Chit Chat

If your thinking about divorce, you might talk to a lawyer first.  We will call this divorce planning. Every case is different. Every case will have a different set of facts and circumstances.  Standing around the coffee pot talking with your friends who have been...

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Void Marriage

I think it to be pretty obvious - you can't be married to two people at the same time. So, our client marries a guy from New Zealand. After the marriage, she learns that he has a wife back home on the island. She came to us for an annulment. That's not an annulment,...

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Let’s Not Carry Our Firearm

Stupid human tricks - you know, if you are licensed to carry a firearm then you can carry it openly and with you to all those public places. Walk down the middle of the street with your big bad boy 44 on you hip. If you are licensed, you are allowed to carry (except...

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Annulments in Texas

Annulment in Texas? Can't get an annulment in Texas? Really? We get them all the time for our clients. We have never lost an annulment. Call us at 214.369.7100 to talk about it. Generally, annulments are based upon fraud or some deception that occurred prior to the...

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50/50 Custody

50/50 custody - the court is simply not going to order it. Not going to happen. If a small, under age 3 child is involved, you may very well see the 2-2-3 custody schedule but as a rule the court is simply not gong to order 50/50.   Back in the day it was all the rage...

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